Stepping Into a Trance of Jazz

Joe Morocco Trio at Northeastern for Student Veteran Appreciation Day.

I was with my girlfriend Amanda supporting her brother's event at Northeastern for Student Veteran Appreciation Day (Check out the photos and videos). I brought my trusty 7D (name still pending) to take pictures and record videos of the event’s opening ceremony. Hours later as the event started wine down and the evening ceremony was underway a jazz trio was starting their performance. Normally I sit there, appreciate the music, and enjoy the people around me but Joe Morocco Trio was not just some mediocre jazz group. 

Joe Morocco

Joe Morocco is a Boston local piano tuner who moonlights as a rocking jazz trio. ( As you can see this man loves to work and play. He has won the Angie’s list “Super Service Award”, and if you listen to a few of his mp3s on hit site you will understand why he is a sought out man for events. His personality is a major added bonus. One of the friendliest guys I've met.

Their music really pulled me in and my 7D came along for the ride. At that point I retired being a photographer for the night and wanted to enjoy dinner with my girlfriend and her family. Joe Morocco Trio’s music had other plans for me. I was compelled to capture a few photos and maybe a video, but I ended up spending the night focused on the trio. 

I was caught with my pants down because I didn’t have the equipment I wanted to fully capture the smooth elegant jazz that was taking over my camera. I made do with what I had, and I produced some great stuff. If you are ever in the Boston area with a little free time make sure to look up if Joe Morocco and his trio are playing. You might just get lost into a jazz trance. Try and get lost on the following videos below.    


Joe Morocco Trio "Black Orpheus"

Joe Morocco Trio "Remember You"