LPP E12 - Arcade Culture

In this cross over Lawn Party episode Jonathan Paiz (@Jonobie87 Twitter) SHUTS  UP! This is a cross over episode of Get Off My Lawn You Geeks Podcast (@GOMLYGPodcast Twitter) & Arcade Culture hosted by the main man Richie Knücklez (@RichieKnucklez Twitter) & his team! He talks about what is current in the Arcade world, talks to current & past record holders, and tells us funny stories! Make sure to check out Richie's arcade both in Flemington NJ & Bridgewater NJ. Fridays $10 all you can play! Also get ready for Battle of the Arcades! Message Richie to find out more! http://www.richieknucklez.com Check out the New Trailer to "King Of Arcades" featuring Richie!

The King of Arcades is coming soon from Co-Producer Adam F. Goldberg (The Goldbergs TV Show, Fanboys) and Executive Producer Eric Tessler. The Richie Knucklez Arcade, one of the biggest arcade phenomena in the world, is now the focus of the highly anticipated documentary The King of Arcades.