Episode 6 - Dude Spoilers!

On Left Amanda, Brandon, Jonathan 

Welcome to the 6th episode of Get Off My Lawn You Geeks Podcast (@GOMLYGPodcast Twitter) It seems like it's been awhile since it was the main trio, but this episode is worth the wait. We sit down and talk about a deathly syndrome call Netflix binge watching where Netflix and the shows we watch TAKES OVER OUR LIVES or just distract us from whatever important thing we should be doing. We also talk about the half life of spoilers, Spider Man, and other, you guessed it, Geeky things like KING OF TOKYO! Please follow us on Twitter, like the Facebook page, leave us a message telling us if you wanna us to talk about something you geek out about, and listen to the Lawn Party Episode where we Geek Out with fellow geeks! Enjoy the episode!