LPP E5 - The Day After The Day Of The Doctor

From left to right: Jonathan as the 9th, Brandon at the 10th, Rahul as War, and Caitlin as the 11th 

LAWN PARTY EPISODE 5! THE DAY AFTER THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR! In this episode I sit down with an amazing cast of Whovians, Brandon Rojas (@Nerdsbeware), Rahul Kanojia (@PlatinumSpartan), Caitlin McCarthy (@CaitlinTAwesome),myself Jonathan Paiz (@Jonobie87) and you guessed it we GEEK OUT on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor episode, we look back at our favorite moments, and moments we can't wait to be thrust upon us! Make sure to like Get Off My Lawn You Geeks Podcast (@GOMLYGPodcast) on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and also subscribe on iTunes to be up to date with all the current episodes! Leave comments below and enjoy! Thank you for listening! Thank you to the following artist for the music in the intro DalzasoftSetunimanDANIpeNET, and http://freesound.org!