Paris, France - Alice

The overall experience section should have a beyond positive option! Alice is such an amazing person with such a nerdy heart just like mine! We got a long right from the start and fanned out on Sherlock. She even came on my podcast show to share with the world how awesome we are! I can't stress enough how amazing my time was with Alice. She cooks amazingly, showed me around the secret parts of Paris, and we had amazing cheese! She hosted me last minute and for that I will always remember our awesome time together. Her friends are just as awesome. Went to a jazz jam section and I had an "I can't believe I'm here" moment. You made my time in Paris unforgettable. Anytime you want to come to New York please let me know and for all of UK when she sends you a request to surf accept right away you will not regret it. Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon!