London, England - Richard

Richard is a 100% genuine guy when he says he wants to host all without anything in return except for an hour of your time. It's only and hour people if you can't open your mind for an hour than Couchsurfing isn't truly for you. He has a big heart that helped me when I needed it. I couldn't find a host and Richard took me in. If it wasn't for him idk what I would have done. My time there was unreal. I met other surfers from around the world and it was great to experience something like that. You get to see the world in a kitchen. You can't buy that kind of stuff and it wouldn't be possible without him. If he sends you a message or you send him one remember that he is an honest guy without anything to hide. Thank you Richard. I feel like our time was to short but you never know I might come back. People don't miss out on such a great experience. Just follow a few simple rules and you can have stories for a lifetime.