Oslo, Norway - Julie

Julie became my best friend and I owe it all to couchsurfing. Despite meeting Julie two hours late than we scheduled, we had the best time possibly in my month adventure in Europe. I can explain what we did and what it meant to me but I won't have enough characters. End story is that she is awesome, friendly, an amazing heart, with an amazing soul. She is one of a kind. If you are lucky enough to meet her, host her, or be hosted by her do it because you won't regret it. She is my best friend that I will never lose touch with. Julie you are brilliant.

Wroclaw, Poland - Joana & Wioleta

Joanna is an incredible person! We met and it was an instant friendship. She took me to a local college pub and I tried hot win for the first time and loved it! We talked with her friend Wioleta who was also amazing. On the way back to her flat we got on a "drunk bus" that goes to Fat. I was in the drunk fat bus and it was hilarious. I met another friend Hola and we sat drank a little more and talked for hours about life, we joked, and we just had an amazing time. I had to leave early the next morning for my flight, otherwise we'd continue talking over breakfast. I hope to hangout with her in my next visit in beautiful Wroclaw. She is amazing with an open, heart, full of energy, and wine pants haha :-) thank you very much you are just amazing. It was the best accidental suffering experience and I hope to stay longer next time!

Madrid, Spain - Barbara

Meeting Barb kicked it to a new gear of awesomeness! As soon as I walked in Barb and her flat mate welcomed me like I was part of the family. They introduced me to some of the most amazing people in Spain, and within minutes we became best friends. Barb is going to be a friend for a long time to come. We talked for hours about life and what wonderful stories she shared. Her honesty is a breath of fresh air. She will tell you what's on your mind and I really enjoyed that about her. I know we will stay in touch because she's like a sister to me now. Thank you Barb and whomever is lucky enough to be hosted by her all I have to say is get ready for such an amazing person with a great heart.

Rome, Italy - Alessandra

Best first planned host! I couldn't ask for a better start on my European tour! Alessandra is the type of person that I got along with from the very start. In the short amount of time we made a lot of memories. She found out my love for scotch which we shared the best I've ever tasted. 
I was her first watermelon guy that she hosted and I'm hoping I did Guatemalans and Americans a good service representing them. 
It was great having a night tour and making pasta. I was her cooking slave 😄. I couldn't of asked for such a great time and I hope to see her again. 
You are such a wonderful host and whoever has the chance to meet you will be the luckiest person in the world! I enjoyed my stay a lot.

Palma, Mallorca, Spain - Teo & Samuel (Spanish)

Mi tiempo en Palma era una diamante. Mucho tiene que ver con Samuel y Teo. Fueron muy amables y la comprensión de que yo no sabía nada de Palma. Teo me dijo mucho acerca de Palam y qué ver y él incluso me llevó a conseguir un poco increíble coco caliente. Sam y Teo son ambos cocineros increíbles. Te juro que si me quedaba más tiempo que estaría 200 kg en ningún momento. Compartían mucho conmigo y eran los chicos más relajados que podría haber preguntado por mis primeros anfitriones masculinos! Si tienes la suerte de ser acogida por estos dos usted está adentro para un convite y un poco de la boca de riego de aguardiente. Nunca olvidaré eso. Ustedes son increíbles brillante y muy informativo sobre la vida.

Paris, France - Alice

The overall experience section should have a beyond positive option! Alice is such an amazing person with such a nerdy heart just like mine! We got a long right from the start and fanned out on Sherlock. She even came on my podcast show to share with the world how awesome we are! I can't stress enough how amazing my time was with Alice. She cooks amazingly, showed me around the secret parts of Paris, and we had amazing cheese! She hosted me last minute and for that I will always remember our awesome time together. Her friends are just as awesome. Went to a jazz jam section and I had an "I can't believe I'm here" moment. You made my time in Paris unforgettable. Anytime you want to come to New York please let me know and for all of UK when she sends you a request to surf accept right away you will not regret it. Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon!

London, England - Richard

Richard is a 100% genuine guy when he says he wants to host all without anything in return except for an hour of your time. It's only and hour people if you can't open your mind for an hour than Couchsurfing isn't truly for you. He has a big heart that helped me when I needed it. I couldn't find a host and Richard took me in. If it wasn't for him idk what I would have done. My time there was unreal. I met other surfers from around the world and it was great to experience something like that. You get to see the world in a kitchen. You can't buy that kind of stuff and it wouldn't be possible without him. If he sends you a message or you send him one remember that he is an honest guy without anything to hide. Thank you Richard. I feel like our time was to short but you never know I might come back. People don't miss out on such a great experience. Just follow a few simple rules and you can have stories for a lifetime.

Rome, Italy - Maria

Maria has a beautiful and loving soul. As soon as I walked in the door she was bursting with energy, excitement, and an eager want to know who I was. I was happy to share my stories with her while she cooked me the best meals. She is an amazing cook and it a weird way you can taste the passion in her cooking as well. She hosted me for two night and we laughed the nights away and sometime I kept her up longer because we lost track of time. We showed me around a little bit and she taught me the fine breads Rome has to offer. If you are able to be hosted by Maria we'll let me tell you that it will be an amazing time, in which you'll feel like you were part of her family. I thank you Maria for showing me such an amazing time. I hope our paths cross again. Good luck finding your favorite and new teas.